Red Light Cameras To Go Dark After Vote Canvassed November 15 (Updated)

There's been a lot of confusion about just when and how the city of Houston will respond to the success of the referendum banning red light cameras, but maybe it's beginning to clear up.

KTRK is reporting that the cameras will "go dark" at 10 a.m. November 15. That's just about the time Commissioners Court is scheduled to canvass the November 2 vote and declare all results official.

(We've asked the mayor's office for confirmation but haven't heard back yet.)

City officials have told council that the city has a contract with the Arizona-based company that installed the lights, a contract that lasts until 2014. But KTRK says the company, ATS Systems, has agreed to abide by the vote.

Does that mean the ticket you get this weekend can be ignored? You can always argue that in court, but it'd probably jsut be better to wait until Monday morning.

The city needs every bit of the revenue it can get, if Mayor Annise Parker's statements are true.

Update: Parker is not announcing anything just yet. Her press secretary sent the following statement from the mayor to Hair Balls: "We have indicated since the election that there are legalities to work out and this is just part of that process. Once City Council canvasses the votes for all three propositions on Monday, we will announce our next steps."

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