Red-Light Foe Michael Kubosh Running for City Council

Michael Kubosh, part of the fighting brothers who finally rid Houston of red-light cameras, is announcing today he's running for an at-large city council seat.

Kubosh will announce he's running for Melissa Noriega's at-large seat (she is term-limited out), and an eclectic cast of Houston politicos will be there, according to the campaign -- from hardcore rightwing councilmember Helen Brown to community activist Quanell X.

"Above the city council chambers reads the phrase 'The people are the city,'" Kubosh said in a release about the announcement. "It seems to me the current administration has ignored that statement. If elected, I promise I will never forget that quote. I will be the servant to all the people."

Kubosh and his brothers Paul and Randy waged a long, frustrating and sometimes farcical war to force Houston to get rid of red-light cameras.

The battle, which the Houston Press wrote about in a feature called "The Red-Light Circus," began in 1995, when the controversial machines were only a gleam in then-Mayor Bill White's eye.

Lots of lawyers spent lots of time in courtrooms and on briefs, and voters went to the polls, and councilmembers were pressured, and finally the cameras were shut off.

They essentially were in operation for four years after being installed in September 2006.

Kubosh is expected to make his formal announcement at 10:30 this morning outside City Hall.

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