Refusing To Blow In The Breathalyzer May Not Save You This Weekend

If you plan on driving drunk this Halloween weekend -- Great idea!! Kids running around in the dark!! -- you should be aware that the old "Never give a breath test" ploy might not work.

The DAs office announced this morning that it's teaming up with HPD to fund a mobile DWI lab. They're also setting it up so that cops can get a quick court order sent to them to get a blood test on anyone who refuses to blow.

"This will enable us to take the legal process to the drunken drivers, instead of having the drunks brought to us," says Warren Diepraam, head of the DA's vehicular-crimes section.

On the actual Halloween night, blood testing will be done as usual. But come November 1-- which, we guess, could still include some Halloween revelry -- the mobile units go into effect at undisclosed locations on the north side.

So here's a thought -- don't drive drunk.

-- Richard Connelly

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