Relax, AIG: Houston-Area Fourth-Graders Love You

A Washington Post reporter was apparently at the offices of disgraced financial company AIG when she noticed something on the walls.

Kid's drawings telling AIG executives to not feel so bad. "We know you're not villains," said one.

Did some AIG executive order his kids' class to cough up some sympathy?

No. It's a "Houston-area" school whose fourth-graders are responsible, the Post reports.

Teacher Rebecca Chapman first told the kids abotu AIG's misdeeds, which got them riled up.

Then she turned the tables.

"What if you were an AIG employee?" she asked. Imagine if you had not been involved in the deals that ruined the company but were left to clean up the mess.

What if you had to pay back money you felt you had earned? What if your family had received death threats?

One boy raised his hand.

"Can we write them and let them know that it's going to be okay?" asked the boy, who clearly doesn't have a 401(k).

The cards now hang in AIG's offices in Connecticut and London.

As the Post writes:

"There were more than a few moist eyes and tight throats," employee Patrick O'Neill wrote back to the class. "To have reached out to us in such a heartfelt way is really a testament to your individual and collective humanity."

Gerry Pasciucco, the current leader of AIG-FP, also wrote to say that the gesture had deeply touched his battered staff.

He signed off with a simple message:

"Fourth graders rule!"

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