Remember To Check Our Chronicle-Cuts List For Updates

We've updated (and will continue to) our master list of Chronicle employees who were let go in the Great Axing yesterday.

Any other names, or any names that mistakenly made it on to the list, please contact us.

Those who worked directly for the paper got two weeks' pay for every year worked, up to a year's salary. If you were a contract worker, you got whatever type of handshake the HR person deigned to give you.

Many of those who were let go were vets who had put their lifetimes into journalism (and, in some cases, the Chronicle). It's got to be scary to contemplate a change of this sort, and our best wishes go out to them.

As one of the commenters pointed out, this is going on in all industries, not just journalism. We're making a bigger deal out of this because we still subscribe (perhaps naively, probably foolishly) to the theory that there's a unique connection between a city's residents and its daily newspaper.

Today the cuts will come to the advertising, circulation and business-side operations.

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