Remember When It Snowed in Houston?

It's finally cold in Houston. For good this time (we think). Temperatures dropped into the 40s a few times last week, and we can expect more of the same in the coming week. Digging out our coats and (gasp) long-sleeved shirts got us thinking about the few times real winter weather has actually come to Houston.

Here's a smattering of our best winter-related posts from recent years.

It's (Maybe) Gonna Snow in Houston!! Be Prepared!!
Forecasters are still telling us there's a chance that it will snow in Houston tomorrow. We'll believe it when we see it, but the theory is that sometime Friday afternoon we may get hit with anywhere from a trace to an inch of solid white precipitation. We're Calling It: White Christmas in Houston, 2015
So, the seasonal modeling is apparently showing temperatures around Christmas could be lot colder than normal this year — like, cold enough that people are wondering whether parts of Texas, and maybe even Houston, will have a white Christmas.

Ice Storm II — It Cometh Again? (With a Closings List)
The forecasters got everything right about the big snowstorm that hit us last week, except for the fact it didn't include snow. It did include plenty of dangerous icy road conditions, though. Get ready: The sequel is here.
5 Things Houstonians Experience When the Weather Gets Cold
Houston's weather is famously manic. One day might be warm and humid, the type of day that will make almost anyone wonder if the proper term for our local climate should be "swampy." But that won't work, because our weather can change within hours, and the next morning might present us with a dramatically different forecast. 7 Things You Are Allowed to Do in Houston When It's Actually Cold Outside
It is so rarely cold in Houston. Houston only sees about 18 days per year where the temperature reaches the freezing point. We almost never get snow or ice, which is good since everyone seems to go absolutely bonkers when we do. Our winters are exceptionally mild. Hell, I had on shorts and flip-flops on Christmas Eve, and if the forecast in the upcoming week is to be believed, I'll probably have that outfit on again soon.
Weekly Weather: Here's Your Cold Weather, Complainers
Right around Christmas, all anyone seemed to be able to talk about was how warm it was. "It doesn't feel like the holidays when it is warm outside" was the familiar refrain online and off. Oh, to have the glorious cold winter weather to make us feel like celebrating. Well, here you go.
Spring Sprung: Nine Ways to Know Winter Is (Almost) Over in Houston
Houston is not exactly a place where the transitions between seasons are direct and obvious. Weather here flows from warm to hot to warm to less warm and back again. Trees lose their leaves but only in the midst of what most of the country refers to as the dead of winter. And the leaves kinda change, but this ain't exactly New England.

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