Rene Lopez: Caught Two Years After Murdering Boss

Rene Lopez: Charged with murder after two years on the run.
Andre Palacios ran an auto-repair business on the east side until he was gunned down at it in broad daylight a little over two years ago.

The case has been open ever since, but Houston police announced today they have arrested a former employee of the place and charged him with capital murder.

Rene Lopez, 62, also known as Napoleon or "Napo," was arrested in San Antonio after a tip came in from someone who had seen the case on the America's Most Wanted Web site, HPD says.

Lopez gave a false name when San Antonio cops asked him about the case.

Here's how HPD describes the crime:

Mr. Palacios was working at his auto repair business when Lopez approached him and demanded his pay. Palacios promised to pay Lopez once he was finished working on a truck. Lopez then pulled a gun and shot Palacios twice before demanding the rest of the payroll and the keys to Palacios' vehicle. The truck was recovered the next day near Luling, Texas.

The attack happened about 2:20 p.m. February 7, 2009.

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