Renee Longoria, 51, Bayou Body Count No. 44

A man who has been in and out of prison over the past decade is back in jail after allegedly admitting that he killed his girlfriend.

Police say that William Robert Stone, 47, confessed to strangling Renee Longoria, 51, on Saturday night at their home 230 West 27th in north Houston. He reportedly told the cops that he was fed up with her nagging him.

Longoria's friends called the police Saturday, worried because they had not been able to get in touch with her for more than a day. When police entered Longoria and Stone's apartment, they found her, dead.

Police say Stone confessed to killing Longoria the next day. Stone is no stranger to life behind bars. He was convicted of burglary in 2001 and convicted of selling drugs in 2005.

Court records state that Stone stomped on Longoria with his foot and then strangled her with his hand and with a wire. Charged with murder, he is being held in the Harris County jail without bond.

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