RenFest Folks: Watch Out For Ye Olde DWI Patrols

Harken!! Ye king of the County of Montgomery hathe decreed that -- ah, we were never really into this Renaissance Festival stuff.

But lots of people are, and they should be aware that should they be enjoying the Queen's Mead or ye olde mulled wine or the Miller Lite, they will likely be running the gantlet of No Refusal DWI patrols.

Montgomery County law enforcement officials will be concentrating on the roads leading to and from the RenFest and will be ready with judges to sign warrants and nurses to draw bloods and cops to take you to jail where you can sit in your doublet and hose with other defendants.

"We have received complaints of drunk drivers coming into Montgomery County after the Renaissance Festival closes," presecutor Warren Diepraam told the Montgomery County Courier.

Here's the line-up for the RenFest, which runs through November:

DPS and the MCSO will have officers patrolling the area, including FM 149 and FM 249, while the Magnolia Police Department will focus on that city, including FM 1774 and FM 1488, Diepraam said.

The Conroe Police Department will be patrolling Texas 105 West, east of Montgomery.

Additionally, DPS troopers in Harris County will be patrolling the Tomball area, Diepraam said.

So hear ye, hear ye but don't drinkee too much, dudes and dudettes.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.