They had us at "death spiral."
They had us at "death spiral."
Courtesy National Republican Congressional Committee

Republican Group Launches Totally Convincing Health Care Ad Campaign in Texas

As a thank you to U.S. Representative John Culberson's efforts to march thousands of poor and sick people to their doom  repeal and replace Obamacare, the National Republican Congressional Committee has launched a "digital ad campaign" touting Trumpcare in Texas.

Titled "Promise Made, Promise Kept," the ad "highlights the affordability and wide range of options that the American Health Care Act provides, and goes on to share the highlights of Obamacare: it's collapsing and insurers are rapidly pulling out of exchanges" — or at least that's how the Committee's press release describes it.

Another press release could just as easily call it "amateurish, cheap-looking, and aggressively vague," but that would take all the fun out of it.

The ad is split into uplifting (Republicans) and sinister (Democrats) halves, kicking off with what sounds like rejected backing music for a Home Depot ad, followed by ominous strings underscoring Democrats' conniving scheme to maintain "the status quo." Sadly, there's no smooth jazz third section showing how completely unproblematic high-risk pools can be.

Just in case the ad isn't heavy-handed enough for some people, the Committee's Western Regional Press Secretary, Jack Pandol, said in the press release that the Despicable D's just want to "trap families in [Obamacare's] death spiral."

We look forward to the rest of the ad campaign, which we expect will show images of Democratic senators Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer clubbing baby seals.

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