Republicans Dominate Democrats...in Tweeting

Our modern technological age has created a lot of new ways to communicate with others. For some, these means seem cold and impersonal. For those who use them regularly, they are simply another option for sending messages into the giant black hole of data that is the Internet.

For politicians, however, Web sites like Twitter and Facebook offer an unprecedented way to reach voters, mostly of the younger variety, and speak to issues that impact their campaigns and the country. It's no surprise that so many politicians use Twitter and Facebook regularly -- Facebook more for events and posting stories, Twitter for talking points and reactions to opponents.

The Washington Post did a roundup of politicians and found, interestingly, but not necessarily surprisingly, that there are more Republican congressmen and women on Twitter than Democrats.

In Congress, 433 members of the House and Senate, or 81 percent, use Twitter, a recent survey of members found. Eighty-three percent, or 441 members, use Facebook.

When it comes to tweeting, Republicans have an edge over Democrats in both chambers.

In the House, 86 percent of Republicans tweet compared with 75 percent of Democrats. Forty-one of the 47 Republicans in the Senate tweet, as do 41 of the 51 Senate Democrats and both independents.

Republicans tend to be better organized when it comes to communication and talking points, so it should come as little shock that they manage to leverage social networks in greater numbers, too.

Of course, when your most infamous tweeter created Weiner-gate, maybe Twitter isn't the best avenue for Dems anyway.

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