Return of the Gay You-Know-Whats From Outer Space

Two years ago, in the grand tradition of Harris County officials' thoughtful e-mails, misdemeanor court Judge Larry Standley e-mailed colleagues a missive that included references to a movie called Gayniggers From Outer Space, followed by another with a really dumb joke involving wordplay on "Cinco de Mayo."

Judge Mike Fields was apparently the only jurist who took offense, although when we wrote about this in aught-six, he stopped short of saying he filed a formal complaint with the Judicial Conduct Commission. 

Hair Balls also had trouble finding others willing to speak on the record, and then before we knew it, the whole thing disappeared, much like the women on planet Anus, the homebase for the titular homosexuals in the Danish short film (which, we should point out, was written and directed by terrestrial gays).

But now, Harris County Republican Party Chairman Jared Woodfill, on a self-proclaimed crusade to stamp out racism, is calling for Standley to resign. Oh, and he's also upset because Fields, the man he nominated for Governor Rick Perry to appoint to an appellate court, wasn't picked. Woodfill told the Chron he believes it's because he was the only judge to speak up about GayniggerGate.

Woodfill hasn't returned a voicemail Hair Balls left this morning, so we haven't been able to figure out why the "racism" wasn't really a problem until after Fields didn't get  the job - but perhaps he was too busy working pro bono on behalf of wrongly convicted minorities.

Woodfill's seeming two-year silence has earned him Houston blogger Mark Bennett's coveted Asshat Lawyer of the Day award. Bennett believes Standley "is an excellent judge who cares about people. There is more justice done in his court in a morning than in most courts in a week." Read more here .

Update (4 p.m. Friday, November 28): We just heard from Woodfill, who said that the reason this all came up two years after the fact is because he wasn't aware of the e-mails two years ago -- and, for that matter, no one else in the local party was, either.

-- Craig Malisow

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