Rice Hosts NCAA Baseball Regional, Doesn't Get Top Seed

Yesterday saw the announcement of the NCAA's 64-team bracket for the College World Series, and it was a mixed bag for local fans.

Good news: Seven Texas teams are in it.

Bad news: Rice didn't get a top regional seeding, for the first time in three years, kind of a slap to the newly storied program.

Good news despite that: Rice will still be hosting a regional, so you can get the chance to see some good-quality college baseball for relatively cheap prices.

Bad news for non-tea-sippers: UT is the number-one seed in the country.

(If you're wondering about UH, you haven't been following. They had a sub-.500 season, and their only shot at the making the NCAA tournament ended this weekend when Rice beat them at the Conference USA tourney.

Among the other Texas teams making the cut of 64 are Texas State, A&M, TCU, Sam Houston State and Baylor.

(What do the seven teams have in common, besides making the NCAA tournament? None of them beat Texas Tech in football last year.)

At any rate, college baseball can be pretty entertaining, if you can ignore the goddamn "ping" of the awful aluminum bats. It'll be well-worth checking out this weekend at Reckling.

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Richard Connelly
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