Rice's ratings obviously don't include student radio

Rice One Of Top 50 Universities In The World, Limeys Proclaim

Rice University is the 47th best university in the entire world, a bunch of Brits say.

The Times Higher Education Magazine has come out with the list, and they probably pronounce every school on it with a haughty accent, so you know it's true.

Rice edged out the Ecole Polytechnique Federale of Lausanne. On the other hand, Lausanne Tech could put up 50 points on the Owls football team, we're sure.

Rice is the only Texas school to make the list, and it was ranked 29th in North America.

We have to say, the compliment was a bit back-handed, though:

In 1900, millionaire William Marsh Rice was murdered by two men attempting to steal his fortune. They were convicted and his estate used to set up an Institute for the Advancement of the Letters, Science and Art. It opened in 1912 and gained university status in 1960. Its 285-acre wooded campus houses 5,550 students and a faculty of 644

Leading with the murder angle. Oh, Times Higher Education Magazine, you're sooo tabloid.

Rice touted the success. "For this year's rankings, the magazine revised its methodology to place less importance on reputation and heritage than in previous years and to give more weight to measures of excellence in research, teaching and knowledge transfer," it said in an announcement, which basically meant no more living on your laurels, bitchaz. The murder-school is representing.

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