Rice Students Get Their Art Displayed On Billboards! In, Ummm, College Station

It's not every day that college art students get to see their work displayed on billboards, but that's what's happening with a group of Rice seniors - they'll just have to drive to College Station to it.

Rice University was kind enough to send Hair Balls a press release explaining how artist and professor Christopher Sperandio asked Lamar Outdoor Advertising if the company would be interested in showcasing local artists. To which Lamar said - and we're paraphrasing here - heck, yeah, you can have all the space you want. In the greater Aggie metropolitan area.

Sperandio told Hair Balls that it was pretty damn cool of Lamar to donate the space, regardless of the location.

"They've been really nice about giving us the space," he said. "It's a gift, so we really...can't complain about where the billboards end up."

Sperandio used to teach at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University, where he first coordinated a billboard art exhibit. Hair Balls is glad to learn that Houston - er, College Station - is being as accommodating.

"As far as I'm concerned, I think it's terrific that they're out there somewhere," Sperandio said.

Meredith Goldsmith, the Contemporary Art Museum's curatorial associate, helped select the pieces, which will be displayed on five billboards (they're 11 feet by 23 feet).  

It's all part of a big spring arts push that includes a senior art exhibit April 22 in Sewell Hall, and an art catalog that will be carried in the April 17 issue of the college paper, the Thresher.
Hair Balls congratulates these artists, and we really want to check out the billboards. Anyone want to drive up there and take pictures for us?

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