Rice gets it on

Rice Students Had A Great Sexual Year, Apparently

Today in Self-Serving "Studies," we have what is no doubt highly sophisticated and peer-approved from the people who make Trojan condoms.

They're put their annual report on "sexual health" on America's college campuses, looking at such things as condom availability, health center hours, educational and awareness programs, etc etc.

If you're wondering, Columbia University in New York is the country's model for sexual health this year.

UT-Austin is the highest-ranking Texas school, but the big surprise comes right here in Houston.

Rice has vaulted from 67 last year to 24 this year, just two spots behind the Longhorns.

Go Owls!

We guess when your football team sucks you think of other things to do.

UH just missed the top 100, coming in at 101. Other Texas schools on the list include SMU (106), A&M (110), UTEP (116), TCU (121) and Baylor at 122.

To be honest, sexual activity wasn't a criteria. If your school had terrific programs on STDs and stuff, you scored well even if no one was actually scoring much on campus.

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