Rice's Joe Savery: He'll Try to Get to the Majors By His Bat, Not His Arm

In the last year of his stellar career at Rice, we profiled pitcher Joe Savery and his bright prospects in the majors.

Things haven't worked out as well as expected -- he had some solid outings, but eventually could not recover from an arm injury.

Now he's at the Phildelphia Phillies' Double-A minor league affiliate in Reading, Pennsylvania, looking to make it as a first baseman/outfielder who can hit.

It's a rare move for a player who's already in the minors. "Guys just don't do this," Savery told the Reading Eagle Sunday. "There's no blueprint for this, especially at this level."

Savery got off to a hot start at the plate in a Florida league this spring, and although he's cooled off some, he got promoted to Reading ten days ago.

"It was surreal," he said of the hot streeak. "I needed that for my career. I needed that for my confidence. I needed that to be taken seriously."

Savery told the paper he's looking to another Houston-area player for help and hope.

Savery is buoyed by the fact that Brian Bogusevic, who also lives in the Houston area, has made a successful conversion.

Bogusevic was drafted 24th overall in 2005. Two years after giving up pitching in 2008 he made his big league debut as a hitter.

Savery worked out with Bogusevic during the offseason and will use his path as a road map.

"I think I have a good base, a good idea for hitting, and given the opportunity I think I can do it," Savery said. "All I can ask for is an opportunity. If I get that, I can live with the results."

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