Richard & Amy Ramos: Hospital Gives Them A Big Toe Instead Of A Fetus To Bury

Amy Ramos was five months pregnant when she had complications and her baby's heart stopped.

She and her husband Richard arranged to bury the fetus, telling the East Houston Medical Center to send it to Carter Funeral Home, where they had a service and burial on August 11.

And then: "About two hours after the burial service, [they] received a telephone call from the doctor stating that there was a mix-up and they were given a big toe instead of a fetus."

Talk about phone calls you don't want to get. Or make, for that matter.

The plastic container used in the burial was dug up, and indeed was found to contain a big toe and not a five-month-old fetus.

The Ramoses are suing. For, among other things, "failure to properly identify the remains of [a] five-month-old fetus."

Jay-sus: A big toe? How casually do you have to throw something in a container to mistake a big toe for a fetus?

The plaintiffs are asking for damages "aggregating more than $100,000."

The hospital and funeral home have not yet responded to the suit.

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