Richard Nutt: Sheriff's Deputy Knew Where To Get The Coke He Allegedly Sold

Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Richard Nutt, who we're sure has heard all the jokes he cares to about his name, has been arrested and charged with trying to sell two kilos of cocaine.

Only a summary of the case is available, but KHOU reports that Nutt was arrested yesterday in a sting near I-10 and Federal Road.

"Police sources say they were tipped off that the group had been posing as police officers," the station reports. "They were allegedly ripping off drug dealers and re-selling the drugs for a profit."

In their defense, if you're going to re-sell drugs you've taken off dealers, you might as well make a profit while you're at it.

Nutt is a 12-year HCSO veteran and worked at the jail. He's there now, with a $20,000 bond set on the case.

We've asked HCSO for a comment, but haven't heard back. (Update: HCSO spokesperson Christina Garza says Nutt has been "suspended with pay pending the outcome of the investigation," and confirms employment details.)

Nutt is the third jail/HCSO employee to be involved with drug charges recently. Henry Fairlie faces charges of smuggling drugs to inmates and George Wesley Ellington is accused of helping an Ecstasy ring.

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Richard Connelly
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