Richard Tabler: Sorry, Senator, For Threatening From Death Row To Kill You

You may remember Richard Tabler, the Death Row inmate who really, really likes his smuggled cell phones.

He called State Senator John Whitmire of Houston from his cell on the thing, which is either the ballsiest or stupidest move ever. When Whitmire, who chairs the Texas senate's committee on prison issues, mentioned the call to TDCJ officials, they took Tabler's phone away.

Tabler did the only thing he could do: He wrote a letter to Whitmire threatening to kill him. For good measure he did the same to an Austin American-Statesman reporter, Mike Ward.

And now, having found The Lord, he's written a new letter saying he's sorry about it all.

The Statesman reports it received another Tabler letter Thursday.

"I'd like to say sorry, sorry for the problems I've caused and the terror I put in your state senator," the handwritten, two-page letter states. "It was all just plain dumb and I ask your forgiveness, please.

"As I think back on that that October day of 2008, it makes me sick! But, since then, I've gotten my life on the right track with God. I'm currently waiting for an execution date and felt strongly that an apology was in order before I was taken from this time.

"So, if you're reading this, Senator Whitmire, Mike Ward and the people of Texas, I ask that you please accept my sincere apology. Thank you and God bless."

Aw, shucks. You had us at "terror."

Whitmire tells the Statesman he has just one question: Since TDCJ cut off Tabler's mail-writing privileges after the threates, how's he still sending out mail?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.