Richie Incognito Epilogue: Stephen Ross and Trent Dilfer Speak Out (w/ VIDEO)

Roughly 48 hours have now gone by since Richie Incognito's ultra rehearsed image rehabilitation session interview with FOX's Jay Glazer.

We learned that Richie Incognito was able to recite some lines indicating that he is indeed contrite about his use of the n-word in a voicemail message to teammate Jonathan Martin, and that any perceived bullying was actually an act of love and friendship on Incognito's part.

Really, according to Incognito, he just wants to give Martin a "big hug." That's so sweet! Coggie is a gem!

On Monday, though, the aftermath of the Incognito public display of affection bullying and of the Incognito interview played out in several different venues coast to coast.

The day actually started off with breakfast. (Y'know, since it's the most important meal of the day and what not.) Fresh off his interview at the Wilshire Beverly Hills with Glazer earlier in the weekend, Incognito apparently decided to make a vacation out of his suspension and hang out in Los Angeles for a while longer, and in turn was spotted chowing down by himself at The Farm in Beverly Hills:

Incognito took a solo seat at The Farm of Beverly Hills ... and ordered a chicken, goat cheese and spinach scramble ... with a cup of coffee to wash it down.

Restaurant sources tell us Richie was pretty quiet during the meal -- but was very polite to staffers and left a pretty solid tip.

Meanwhile, back in Tampa Bay, prior to Monday night's barnburner with the Buccaneers, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross addressed the Incognito situation by announcing that he would be meeting with Martin on Wednesday:

In a 15-minute press conference at Raymond James Stadium before kickoff vs. winless Tampa Bay, Ross and chief executive officer Tom Garfinkel stressed that the organization would not rush to judgment and would make changes to policies as the facts of an NFL investigation dictated.

Ross said he has been communicating via text message with Martin. He also gave wholehearted support to second-year coach Joe Philbin.

"What's gone on, it's really something that couldn't have been a worse nightmare," said Ross. "The most important thing is that we care about Jonathan Martin. Immediately after the incident took place in the cafeteria, Joe Philbin called me, told me what had happened and (was) trying to go out and find Jonathan Martin."

Here is the Ross presser:

So unilateral support for Joe Philbin and nothing for general manager Jeff Ireland, which to be clear, I have no problem with.

As for the Monday Night Football broadcast, the anti-Incognito fireworks continued in the pregame show as former quarterback Trent Dilfer was continually egged on for reaction to Incognito's act, goading which ultimately led to the word "turd" being uttered on a Disney owned station on national television:

Finally, just so we would all be reminded that Richie Incognito infiltrates our hearts and minds at all times, ESPN play by play guy Mike Tirico attributed a personal foul penalty from Mike Pouncey to Incognito...even though Incognito was sitting in Los Angeles gleefully picking the wings off of butterflies and flicking them in the face of his waitress at The Farm.

Normal slip up by Tirico, no big deal.

The bigger deal is that the Dolphins' Week 10 ended in entirely appropriate fashion, with Darrelle Revis' picking off Ryan Tannehill to secure the Bucs' first win of a terrible 2013 season.

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