Richmond High School Teacher Who Gave Students Handouts Calling Islam "An Ideology of War" Resigns

Richmond High School Teacher Who Gave Students Handouts Calling Islam "An Ideology of War" Resigns

An advanced placement U.S. government teacher accused of passing out virulently anti-Muslim handouts to a Richmond high school class has resigned.

The Houston chapter for the Council on American-Islamic Relations called district officials to discipline the teacher last week upon discovering his class handouts included statements like this:

"Muhammad posed as a prophet. . .Both Jesus and Paul warned that after they were gone many false prophets would come. Muhammad is simply one of them. . ."

"Islam is more of an ideology than a religion. It is also an ideology of war. . ."

"[Islam forces] its ideology on cultures and ultimately on the world through propaganda, subversion, and even physical force when it is deemed necessary, one area of the world at a time."

"You will either give into their demands recognizing Islam's 'noble' rule, you will become a Muslim yourself, or you will die."

"[Muslims believe] All governments - except Islam - should be overthrown."

". . .everyone will be brought under the yoke of Islam, willingly or unwillingly."

". . .even though generally Islamic followers will say that they 'believe' in Jesus and respect Him and the Bible, in fact, neither is really true."

Citing "parents familiar with the class," the Houston Chronicle identified the teacher in question as Foster High School government and economics teacher Herby Woolverton. Lamar CISD officials sent out a statement Tuesday night saying the teacher had turned in his resignation on April 8, the day after the CAIR demanded district officials investigate and discipline the teacher.

In a statement the district issued last week, Lamar CISD officials said they were "disappointed to learn one teacher made independent changes to a lesson plan. ...Arbitrary curriculum decisions, which are clearly outside our guidelines, won't be tolerated."

Apparently, as far as the district is concerned, Woolverton's main problem was going off-script, not that he let Islamophobia creep into his lesson plan.

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