Rick Casey, High-Minded Columnist

So Rick Casey’s a stoner. Who knew?

In his Sunday column, the Chron crank tucked a bizarre anecdote about once getting fucked up on reefer while on assignment.

The column was particularly meandering and unintelligible, even by Casey standards. He leads with a weak example of a possible conflict of interest involving county officials (as reported by another media outlet) then inexplicably segues into how it reminds him of smoking weed.

He writes:

“It’s like that time back in the early 1980s when a newspaper sent me up into the Cascade Mountains in Washington state for a story on marijuana farmers.

It wasn’t too hard to find some. One husband and wife gave me a tour and bragged they were getting $1,000 a plant for what they called their ‘one-toke dope.’

Every good reporter maintains a store of skepticism, so of course I had to accept their offer to test their claim.

Were they exaggerating? I can’t remember, so I suspect not.”


Casey sleepwalks through the remainder of the column with a stale history lesson and the oh-so-enlightening moral that sometimes political scandals lead to empty talk of ethics reform.


Not to chide, but smoking pot on the job isn’t exactly ethical (or legal), right?

On the upside, maybe Loren Steffy will write his next column on how the mortgage crisis reminds him of that time as a cub reporter he dropped LSD while covering a presidential debate. –Todd Spivak

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.