Rick Perry Chooses The Perfect Place To Make A Bold Stand

Governor Rick Perry boldly announced today that he won't take a half-billion in federal stimulus funding because...part-time workers might benefit.

There's a stance for you.

The proposed stimulus funds are designated for unemployment benefits, but come with a mandate that part-time workers also get unemployment. That's a no-no in Perryland.

Small-business owners (How come Republicans never mention "big-business owners"?) would have to pay too much in unemployment taxes if part-timers got benefits, he argued. So farewell to $555 million in unemployment benefits from the feds, you Texas losers unenergetic enough to get a job!

The best thing of all, though, was where Perry chose to make the announcement.

It was here in Houston, at a "small business."

Bering's Hardware. Near the freaking Galleria.

If you're not familiar with Bering's, it's the go-to hardware store for rich yuppies looking for the latest gadgets to till their precious roses or for when they do a little chore or two. It's the J. Peterman of the hardware world.

In other words, it was a perfect place for Perry to dump on the unemployed on behalf of the noble middle-class small businessman.

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