Rick Perry Gets Heckled Over His Medicaid Stand

One of the first rules we think Rick Perry opponents should learn is: Let the man talk.

Let him ramble on and all you have to do is wait for him to insert his expensively booted foot in his mouth, whether it's something golden like the legendary Oops Moment, or the more run-of-the-mill stuff like casually pondering secession.

A group of Washington protesters didn't absorb that lesson today, alas, and loudly heckled Perry as he spoke at a Texas State Society meeting.

Perry was trying to sell his inane "No Medicaid Here!!" message, which, like we say, is a petard he likes to hoist himself on unaided.

Instead he got to look like a voice of reason compared to the hecklers.

The hecklers, to be sure, thought they accomplished much. They told reporters they were uninsured Texans who'd be harmed by Perry's policies (which is true enough, of course).

"While millions like me in Texas lack health care, [Perry] is not only turning down options, he's ignoring us -- throwing us under the bus," said Deyadira Trevino from Houston. "He'll go to Washington to raise money, but refused to meet with us when we came to Austin. He's clearly out of touch."

Here's video of the showdown. The organizers gave this info as to the hecklers:

Soundbites in order of appearance 1 Deyadria Trevino/ Houston Mother No Healthcare 2. Latoya White Houston Mother with Sickle Cell - No Healthcare 3.Durrell Douglas Texas Organizing Project 4. Yvonne Monterro Mother of Four Washington DC 5 Jordan Estevao - National Peoples Action

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.