Rick Perry Gets PWNED By Arizona's Governor

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, Rick Perry.

Perry was famously, and surprisingly, critical of Arizona's controversial law regarding immigrants and demands to see their papers.

Arizona governor Jan Brewer became a darling of the right, trumpeting about protecting borders from the onslaught, etc. etc. Perry went mild, saying -- not unreasonably -- that Arizona's law might just go too far.

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In a re-election year where he's been doling out red meat to the Tea Partiers, it seemed a nuanced option.

And what does he get for it? Kicked in the face by Obama, that bastard.

Brewer has just emerged from an Oval Office meeting with Obama, and the AP reports the two agreed to work together on solutions, something we'll believe when we see.

And then there was this: "Brewer also says Obama assured her that most of the 1,200 National Guard troops he is sending to the southern border will be coming to her state."


Texas has more than 800 miles of border with Mexico. Arizona has less than half that. And they're getting most of the National Guard troops?

How in the world are we going to stop the brown hordes if we don't have a ton of bored, annoyed National Guard troops pushing paper here?

Perry, it's time to start talking secession again.

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