Rick Perry: Most Inane Playing Of The Race Card, Ever

By now you've heard just how upset and offended Governor Rick Perry is by remarks Bill White made.

Days have gone by, and Perry is still pissed at what he has determined to be racial remarks. We are led to believe, anyway. After all he went to the trouble of tracking down an actual black Republican to conveniently join him in his faux outcry, and you know how hard that can be. And today the campaign released a new video of outrage at this horrible incident.

And it's as silly as you'd expect.

If you haven't been following, White told a black audience that he wanted to act as a servant of the people as governor, while Perry wanted to be a master.


While on first blush you could make an attempt at calling it coded racial language -- a silly attempt, to be sure, but an attempt -- the fact is White says it to audiences no matter what the ethnic makeup of the group is.

White's video shows endless clips of news anchors around the state solemnly reading that Perry is outraged by White's remarks and is demanding an apology. Because, you know, all his black supporters are just utterly angered, and he will not allow this shit to stand.

Of course, being a political video, the clips end before White's side is presented.

But best of all is near the end, where we get audio of some talk-show radio out of Dallas. It's audio that sounds like it's coming from someone's basement, but hey, you go with what you got.

"Bill White, speakiing to a black audience, said that he, Bill White, wanted to be more of a servant-type leader while Rick Perry wants to be treated as a master," says one of the co-hosts.

Which results in perhaps the single worst acting job since Brett Favre in There's Something About Mary, as the other co-host pretends he'd just heard this for the first time.

"He said that?" he says, as the other guy, more in disappointed sorrow than anger, forces himsel to admit "Yeah."

Cue the ominous music as the screen is filled with the words "Insensitive," "Offensive" and "Divisive."

A trio of which, if it were a Jeopardy answer, would have as the winning response "What are three things Rick Perry did not think about Bill White's remarks (until he was told to by his ad staff)?"

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