Governor Rick Perry is as modern as they come, what with the Twitter and the webpage and the secession and all.

So who's he following on Twitter? Well, according to the above screenshot, he likes to keep up with Eva Braun, Hitler's old galpal.

To be completely fair, he actually appears to be a lot more interested in following tween heartthrobs than dead Nazis.

Rick Perry On Twitter: Following Hitler's Girlfriend And Fans Of Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato And The Jonas Brothers

Among the accounts Perry is following:

@jooeejonass (dedicated to re-tweeting Joe Jonas, apparently)

@StayWithDemi_BU "This acct is to help get @ddlovato (Demi) to tweet @dd_lovatoislove on her birthday!! Everyone sign the link above please and help spread the word!"

@demisel_rocks "i am crazy fan of all disney celebs especially selena demi jonas and taylor swift they are my lyf."

@agusjazzybieber (Don't look or you'll be mesmerized by the flash background)

@notddlovato (In case you thought it was the real Demi Lovato, we guess)

@ jbieberluv823 (alas, it's locked)

@ElifJBieber (also locked)



Obviously, if you choose to follow Perry he'll follow you. But FWIW, as they say in Twitterland, TX$BillWhite seems to be a relatively tween-free zone.

Keep that in mind come election day, Bieber-lovers.

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