Rick Perry Reinforces 'Dumb Texan' Stereotype, Regales Us with Geographic Ineptitude

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It seems as if Rick Perry has recently decided that his time is better spent abroad than in the state that elected him to lead. While he's asked for a special session -- giving him greater leeway to inflict abortion restrictions for reasons founded on faulty science -- he's also seemed to enjoy flitting around the country. And that's fine. It's his prerogative, so long as he can recruit some of the businesses he's so gladly attempting to poach from other states.

But with greater travel comes greater pressure not to make any of the verbal slips to which Perry seems so prone. The 2012 campaign, which saw him all but branded as the Oops candidate, could at least semi-plausibly be blamed on the apnea incurred through his hectic schedule. Anything this time around, though, is simply him sticking his foot in his mouth, megaphoning his imbecilic reputation for a wider audience to see. There's no excuse for the timeless miscues he found in his 2012 adventure.

Fortunately, we have video evidence that our governor has continued to instill his image of a bumbling blunderbuss, one who pines for the spotlight but flubs anytime it turns to him. From this weekend's Faith and Freedom Coalition, Perry unveils the geographic fortitude for which he's now known:

For those who have a tough time with the audio, this was Perry lambasting the current administration, per his John Bolton talking points, for letting a handful of Americans die in Benghazi. However, our governor seems to think the attack in question took place not in Libya but in Lebanon.

It's one thing to harp on an administration for its perceived plights. (And, to be fair, and as a bit of a surprise, Perry does criticize the recent phone-related NSA revelations, saying, "That bothers me -- it gives me great concern.") But it's another entirely to slap the wrong nation, only slightly related, on the matter. And it's one more reason to thank the American voter for not tasking Perry with figuring out the Syrian quagmire. Just as likely Perry would send small arms to Aleppo as he would to Atlanta.

While it didn't quite match Sarah "Let Allah Sort 'Em Out" Palin's crudities, these were prepared remarks. This wasn't Perry presented with an unknown question, forced to respond on the fly. This was a text in front of him. This was the most fun Perry's had since calling Turkish leadership -- those Muslim-majority NATO allies -- "Islamic terrorists."

As it is, Dubya's favorability ratings are finally, somehow, creeping into positive territory. An end to the Dumb Texan trope might finally be on the horizon. But Perry's not helping the cause.

(h/t Texas Tribune)

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