"Live free or die. Amen."
"Live free or die. Amen."

Rick Perry Sends New Hampshire a Belated Valentine

Either Rick Perry has taken to making short travel films for each state he visits, or he definitely plans to make another slog around the GOP presidential primary circuit.

On Sunday, fresh off a trip to the oh-so-important primary state of New Hampshire, the former governor's political action committee RickPAC posted a minute-long video of Perry praising the Granite State, shaking hands with supporters, preaching about freedom to an adoring crowd, and awkwardly touching a baby's face.

"Granite's tough, it's durable, just like the people who live in this fiercely independent state," Perry says in the video before rattling off a list of New Hampshire cities and towns (just in case you thought Perry forgot what state he was in again).

The video's the latest hint that Perry won't let a felony indictment for abuse of office stunt his presidential aspirations. And maybe, just maybe, Guv Goodhair wanted another Perry/New Hampshire video circulating the internet. The most memorable New Hampshire video from his last presidential run, while certainly more amusing, was a whole lot less flattering:

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