Rick Perry Talks Cancer at the Texas Life Science Conference

Gov. Rick Perry appeared today before 250+ national venture capitalists, researchers and business executives at the annual Texas Life Science Conference. During his talk, the governor called for a renewed commitment by the public and private sector to fight cancer.

“Cancer is not a new fight for Texas," he said. "Home to world renowned medical centers and research universities, our battle has been waging for some time. This month, Texans have an opportunity to strengthen our efforts by supporting Proposition 15, which would provide significant funding to find a cure for cancer. This worthy investment will catapult our state to the forefront of cancer research, fueling economic growth and giving hope to all fighting the war on cancer.”

Yeah, we know, boring ass "cancer, cancer, cancer." Read it again, though, and it's actually "cancer, cancer, venture capitalists, cancer."

Er, excuse us, Mr. Governor, we got the part about curing cancer (good thinking, by the way), but can you clear up the part about the venture capitalists for us? - Olivia Flores Alvarez

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