Rick Perry the Gunslinger: Report Released from Brady Campaign on Perry's Gun Record

Governor Rick Perry's love of guns has been well documented and he is more than happy to share his thoughts on the matter, particularly when it comes to killing a coyote on a morning jog and his affinity for laser sights on his weapons of choice.

In Texas, loving your guns probably doesn't seem as wacky as it does to the rest of the country, but even here some of Perry's statements related to guns have been surreal at times. Those statements and his voting record are part of a report done by the Brady Campaign for Gun Violence on what they call "Perry's cavalier attitude toward lethal weaponry."

On their blog, the Brady campaign expressed their concern over Perry's approach:

For Governor Perry, "gun control is hittin' what you're aimin' at," as he told this year's NRA Convention. His extremism no doubt will hit the target in the GOP primaries, where the radical "gun rights" crowd will march to the polls in droves. In the ghastly event that he wins the Republican nomination, however, how will Perry's "gunslinger" schtick play with swing independent voters in the suburbs? What will they think of the idea of Presidential candidates packing heat at election rallies or kindergarten teachers with pistols in their desks?

Rick Perry may turn President Obama into a gun control advocate after all.

We personally think the best thing about the report is the cover with Perry doing his best Yosemite Sam impersonation. Yeeeeehaawwww!

You can read the whole thing here.

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