Meeting of the titans.
Meeting of the titans.

Rick Perry V. Florida Governor Rick Scott: Who Makes the More Pathetic NBA Finals Joke?

The NBA Finals start tonight (the Rockets are not involved, if you haven't been keeping up). It's the Dallas Mavericks against the Miami Heat, and that means a silly little bet between Governor Rick Perry and Florida Governor Rick Scott, two of the more Tea Party-esque governors out there.

If you must know, it's Texas barbecue sauce vs. key lime pie. The more important battle, of course, involves which staff came up with the most idiotic joke in the press release noting this epic event.

Rick Perry's attempt: "LeBron may have taken his talents to South Beach, but there's no way he'll be taking the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy there this season."

Not really a joke, and no one calls it the "Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy" except official NBA press releases.

Rick Scott: "It might be warm in Texas, but there is no way the Dallas Mavericks will be able to withstand the Heat."

Ha ha!!! Because it's...ummm...not warm in Florida? We're confused, but then so much of what Scott and Perry do confuses us.

Advantage:: A push. A sad, pathetic, lame push.

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