Stweart, Perry: Adios, mofo

Rick Perry Vs. Jon Stewart On A Daily Show Deathcage Match

In the wake of his big victory, Governor Rick Perry immediately focused like a laser beam on the state's massive budget gap. Or maybe he went on a book tour.

In a series of interviews in which the cloying coyness about 2012 will be palpable, Perry is headed to the East Coast for appearances on The Today Show, Fox News and Glenn Beck's radio show.

He'll be promoting his book Fed Up, which definitely should not be pronounced Effed Up in honor of his policies.

Oh, and he's going on the Daily Show.

(From the promotional materials for the book: "Perry's cause is simple: to restore the balance of power intended by the Founders but forsaken by secular progressives determined to say what government will do for the people rather than allowing people to do what they can do for themselves.")

Perry has never been particularly good with aggressive interviewers ("Adios, mofo" didn't exactly spring from an intense grilling), but on the other hand Daily Show host Jon Stewart has been known to let some Republicans slide.

There had been reports that the TDS spot was only in negotiations, but the Houston Chronicle reports it's a done deal. Monday.

So set those dials.

We'd also like to see Perry on the Colbert Report, but apparently that's not happening.

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