Rick Perry Whines About Helping Tornado Victims

More than 300 people have died and entire neighborhoods have been wiped off the map across the South because of massive tornadoes, and Governor Rick Perry has one question for President Obama: "Why are you taking care of Alabama and other states?"

Perry whined to reporters yesterday that the Obama administration had issued disaster declarations for the tornado-struck areas where 300 people have been killed and not in Texas, which has had some wildfires.

The Texas wildfires have indeed been bad -- 900 buildings lost -- and FEMA has said it is considering Perry's request for a disaster declaration, which would partly reimburse local governments for firefighting costs.

But complaining about helping victims of an almost unprecedented weather event, one that couldn't more obviously qualify for a disaster declaration? Classy.

And yes, we all know it's hypocritical of Perry to complain about not getting cash from a country he speculated about seceding from. We're sure the Republic of Texas II would have whipped out a disaster declaration by now, although with its no-doubt ultra-limited government-and-taxes policy we're not sure there would be any firefighting units to reimburse anyway.

It makes sense for Perry to push for a declaration; it will help some hard-hit fire departments and victims. But the way he went about it....we guess that's just how he rolls.

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Richard Connelly
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