Rick Perry's Biking Accident Somehow Leads To Outbreak Of Hair Jokes

The news day is nearly done, and we can begin to total up the Official Rick Perry Hair-Joke Count.

As you likely know, Perry broke his collarbone while riding a bike. If you didn't know, then you were, apparently, one of the few people who didn't head directly to the web to make a hair joke.

Google rick perry collarbone hair and you get commenters saying:

-- I hope he is okay, but how is his hair? Did it move? (Dallas Morning News blog)

-- Did he mess up his hair? Hey, someone was going to say it (Democratic Underground)


-- Actually, no one has ever broken a collar bone while biking. That usually happens while crashing. We are told Gov. Perry's hair is fine. (The Whig blog)

-- Forget about his collarbone. Is his hair alright? (Free Republic)

-- It might have been much worse, but his hair broke the fall (Austin American-Statesman blog)

-- Is his hair OK? (Phil Archer's facebook)

-- Did he mess up his hair? Oh, please, not the hair! (topix)

And, you know, on and on.

We, of course, have been guilty of the occasional Rick Perry hair joke; we must now ponder whether it should be permanently relegated to the "Houston, we've got a problem" cliche file.

Hell, probably not. It is one outstanding head of hair, after all.

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