Rick Perry's Campaign Is Only Implying Bill White Was A Corrupt Mayor

Rick Perry's press office was notoriously aggressive in the race against Kay Bailey Hutchison, filling reporters' e-mail boxes with attacks before KBH ever made her first bungled, hapless appearance on the trail.

Things will not be different when it comes to Bill White, it seems.

One week after they won their respective nominations, Perry spokesman Mark Miner has sent out an e-mail implying that White enriched himself as mayor of Houston, although the implication has enough weasel words to escape being a direct accusation. And hey, maybe there are perfectly normal ways you get rich while being mayor, so it's not like he's accusing him of being unethical or anything.

It all stems from Perry's agreeing to release his income-tax returns while White has refused to do so.

Writes Miner:

Bill White has a tax problem - he won't rule out raising taxes for Texans and refuses to release his own tax returns. His opposition to transparency raises questions about what he is afraid of and what he is hiding regarding his own personal fortune and how he may have profited during his six years as Houston's mayor.

Oh, "may have." Never mind.

We've asked White's campaign for a response, but haven't heard back yet. Which means they really need to step up their game: They ain't facing no Farouk Shamis anymore, to paraphrase Lou Holtz.

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Richard Connelly
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