Rick Perry's No Coward, Chronicle Ad Department Decides

See that ad over to the right?

The Houston Chronicle doesn't think you have the smarts to handle it. Or that it would offend your tender sensibilities so much that you would have the vapors and be required to sit a spell.

As pointed out in the Texas Tribune, the Chron was the only one of 24 papers in the state to refuse to run the ad from the Back to Basics PAC.

Houston attorney Steve Mostyn and his wife, Amber Anderson, are the forces behind the anti-Perry PAC, and they decided to tweak the governor over his refusal to debate Bill White.

But you shan't call Perry a "Coward" in the pages of the Houston Chronicle.

Chron marketing director Naomi Engel told the Tribune that the headline was a non-starter.

"We were more than happy to run the ad if Back to Basics changed the headline," she said. "They declined."

Censorship, or a token and fruitless -- perhaps noble -- attempt to turn down the political rhetoric a bit?

We'll have to wait until the Perry campaign submits an ad headlined "Baldy" to see.

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