Rick Perry's Prayerapalooza: ACLU of Texas Wants to Know How Much Tax Money Is Being Spent

The ACLU of Texas has filed open-records requests seeking information on how much tax money, if any, is being spent promoting Rick Perry's prayer meeting at Reliant Stadium next month.

"We are concerned that Gov. Perry is using public office to endorse a sectarian religious event and to advance specific Christian beliefs," said Lisa Graybill, the group's legal director. "We are seeking information on the degree to which state resources have been or will be used for the planning and promotion of this event and for state officials' participation in it."

They've filed requests with the offices of the governor, the Harris County Sheriff and various offices of the City of Houston.

The August 6 event is being produced by the American Family Association, which spends a great deal of its time demonizing gays, because that's what good religious people do.

Perry has made videos promoting the event and invited all U.S governors, but the RSVPs haven't exactly been going in his favor.

The ACLU of Texas says the event, called The Response, might blur the lines between church and state.

"The ACLU of Texas values the diversity of belief systems in public life, and each of our beliefs calls us to address problems in different ways. But none of us, especially an elected official, is in the position to say whether believers or nonbelievers should lead the way in solving our common problems," said executive director Terri Burke. "We believe that diversity is protected, society is best served and the U.S. Constitution is respected when government actions remain separate from religious action, when religion is neither forced upon us, nor prohibited, by government. The Response certainly does not seem to follow that principle."

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