Rick Perry's Prayerapalooza: Let The Whitewashing Begin!

Sharp eyes at the Austin American-Statesman have noticed something different about the home page for the epic Houston prayer meeting called The Response: It seems to have been scrubbed.

The page no longer includes a list of "endorsers," several of whom drew criticism for being frothing lunatics distorting the spirit of religion, more or less.

A cached version of the "endorsers" page proudly displays the rightwing gallery of "Christians" that is now no longer available.

Included are John Hagee of San Antonio, whose religious interpretations are so wacky (Katrina was sent because New Orleans is black sinful, the Catholic Church is the anti-Christ) that even John McCain in his full pandering-to-the-religious-right mode refused his endorsement.

And -- well, we've never heard of this dude, but here's the American-Statesman's take:

C. Peter Wagner of Global Spheres Inc. in Colorado, who said Japan was decimated by an earthquake and tsunami because its emperor engages in ritualistic sexual intercourse with the pagan Sun Goddess.

Don't feel too bad, though -- the move doesn't mean these folks aren't coming to or participating in The Response at Reliant Stadium. They're just going a bit under the radar because, you know, America is not quite ready for their sophisticated theological analyses.

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