Rick Perry's Prayerapalooza: Protests Start To Simmer

Rick Perry's courageously craven call for the nation's 50 governors to come to Houston to pray isn't exactly being met with unanimous hosannas.

There's already a Facebook page up organizing protests of the August 6 event at Reliant Stadium, and other groups have chimed in about the controversial organizers of Prayerstock, formally known as "The Response."

The organizer that seems to piss most people off is the American Family Association, whose officials are famous for calling SpongeBob SquarePants gay and, while they're at it, calling for Muslims to be converted or bombed and for gays to be barred from holding political office.

Houston GLBT Political Caucus has publicly denounced Perry's partnership with AFA.

"AFA is a recognized hate group. Its primary existence is to demonize GLBT Americans and oppose equality." said Caucus president Noel Freeman. "It is abhorrent that Governor Perry would choose to kickoff his presidential ambitions in partnership with a hate group that refers to us as Nazis, claims the Holocaust was caused by the GLBT community, and supports the eradication of people living with HIV."

Don't get them wrong, they said, they like the hell out of praying:

While the Caucus is a strong proponent of religious freedom, and encourages its members and others to exercise their constitutional right to exercise that religious freedom, the line must be drawn when the governor of the great State of Texas asks a hate group to serve as his primary partner in an event of this nature. Such a partnership serves as nothing more than an assault on the GLBT community.

"Governor Perry's partnership with AFA is very telling of his opinion of the GLBT community, which is surprising, considering the number of gay and lesbian staff who have worked in his office over the years." Freeman said. "We encourage all members of the GLBT community and those others who support equality and oppose hate to stand by our side in condemning this reprehensible act by Governor Perry and demand he exclude AFA from this event."

Some protesters are urging residents of other states to write to their governors to inform them about AFA's stands. It's safe to say Perry won't get the full contingent of 49 colleagues there.

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