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Rick Perry's Unique American Revolution Analysis: Best Twitter Responses, and Our Dumb-Quotes Random Generator Is Updated

Rick Perry last night did what most presidential candidates do after sucking again in a debate -- he went to a frat house.

In explaining to the Beta Theta Pi boys his views of governance, Perry said that the American Revolution took place in the 16th century. Most historians would disagree with that, but then again most scientists disagree with Perry's take on climate change and it doesn't seem to bother him.

The twitterverse went nuts after the gaffe, with a #perryhistory hashtag quickly getting contributions. Among the best:

@drgrist Why else did Daniel Boone fight alongside George Patton if not free America from health insurance mandates? #perryhistory

@ ObsoleteDogma Ronald Reagan told Peter the Great to "tear down this wall"... and put it up on the Mexican border #perryhistory

@ FenrisDesigns In 1576, Teddy Roosevelt signed the Magna Carta, effectively inventing bald eagles. #PerryHistory

@ cheetapizza #NathanHale had but one life to give against General #CarlosSantana at #TheAlamo." #PerryHistory

@ BrentSirota Pretty sure George Washington declared independence from England so he could divorce Katherine of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn #perryhistory

@ Jordan_Stewart Santa Anna would not have captured the Alamo without constructing the giant Trojan Jackalope. It was his Waterloo. #PerryHistory

Nicely done, internet. More importantly, our Rick Perry Dumb-Quote Random Generator has been updated!

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