Rick's Cabaret Goes All-Nude -- In Dallas

Rick's Cabaret, the company that is Houston's gift to horny losers across America, is making yet another bold move.

It's opening the state's largest all-nude club. Well, the dancers are all nude; we presume the horny losers stay mostly clothed.

Don't get your hopes (or any other part of your anatomy) too high, though -- the club is opening in Dallas.

XTC Cabaret promises to be as cutting-edge as its tired name, but it is in a relatively fancy section of Dallas, near the Brook Hollow Golf Club.

It can be all-nude because it doesn't sell liquor. Instead patrons pay $15 to get in, pay a little more to get ice and glasses for their BYOB drinks, and pay a little more to get dry-humped by some hard-working single mom who's struggling to earn her master's degree in child psychology. Or whatever strippers are telling their clients these days.

If it's successful, we can only hope the idea gets transported here. Because if there's one thing Houston lacks, it's quality gentlemen's clubs.

-- Richard Connelly

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