Rider Agrees: Get Those Homeless Off The Light Rail!!

Earlier this month we wrote about how a Metro vice-president blatantly told some citizens that he considered part of his job to be keeping those nasty homeless people off the light rail. Let them take the bus, he more or less said; the light rail is for winners.

He has at least one supporter in that theory. Here's an e-mail we've received that heartily endorses the policy:

the homeless and the trian where shall I start....I take it none of you there take the train on a daily basis to go to work..well I do every darn day and the homeless are a big issue,,first off if you want them to use it for free then we should all use it for free and since that isnt going to happen so sorry but they need to pay just like the rest of us,,many mornings I dont want to go to work either but If i dont go whos gonna support your homeless,,further more let me ask u this how would u like to get on the train downtown, have to go all the way to the medical center and cant sit down because the homeless have urinated and manytimes done worse on all the seats so you cant sit down and the smell is awful,,,,or get sandwiched between several that smell horrible and you have to take the stench to work with you and have your pts comment...No im tired of getting on to packed trains when the minority that paid and all the seats are taken by your homeless sleeping.....Before you judge the people at metro you take the train back and forth to work for a month and tell me how much you enjoy the ride and take a mask and spray cause your gonna need it....

We'd take this person up on the offer, but our co-workers might complain.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.