Ridin' Dirty

One of the most annoying types of people in the world is the guy or girl who says, "I'm so sorry, my car's a mess," and it turns out there's a smudge on the rearview and a gum-wrapper on the dash. Meanwhile, the Loch Ness Monster is duking it out with Jimmy Hoffa's corpse beneath a mound of half-chewed Skittles and curdled milk in the back of your Geo.

Well, creative, hard-working folks often have messy cars, and they should be recognized for all the crud they've accumulated — that's the thinking behind the Messiest Car Contest at www.mylifemycarmymess.com. Houstonians can feel proud that one of our own came in second.

Winning slob Lucia M. writes, "I'm a stay at home grandma now and I cater to everyone in my immediate family, elderly parents included ( who, like children, have their own oops every now and then) nieces nephews, and yes the pets too."

For her slovenly endeavors, Lucia M. won a set of custom-cut floor mats — as if that would actually help things. (Grand prize winner Maria W. of San Antonio got a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica — now that's an improvement!). Also, of all the prize-winners, Texas was represented more than any other state. Is there anything we can't do? -- Craig Malisow


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