Right-Wing Nut Says Obama Ordered Bush Tribute At Ellington Erased

The Right-Wing Nutjob Forces are on the march again!! Today's Target: Houston!!

Not all conservatives are "nutjobs," obviously, but Debbie Schlussel is. The Ann Coulter-wannabe spouts nonsense pretty much full-time, and she has a new cause: President Obama has ordered officials at Ellington Field to paint over the "LT G W BUSH" from the F-102 that sits outside the field's gates.

Knowing what we know about Bush's time in the Texas Air National Guard's Ellington unit, we always thought it was kind of funny that they were honoring him, but what the hell. Schlussel, however, is outraged that the name is gone.

The pettiness and low-class behavior of the current Commander-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, apparently knows no bounds and no nadirs too low to which to aspire.

That's displayed by the Obama administration's paint-over of the name of former President George W. Bush on an airplane he flew as a pilot in the United States Air Force.

Uh, yeah. We're sure Obama had that high on his First 100 Days priority list.

Schlussel hilariously notes she's no friend of Bush due to, among other things, "his endless pandering to Islam."

Saner conservatives, even those here in "Bush Country," don't blame Obama directly for the decision, as they still have some relationship with reality. One who asked a member of the 147th Fighter Wing at the base why the name was removed just got "Why do you think? as an answer.

That shit won't fly with Schlussel, though. "And please don't tell me that there's no evidence Obama knew about this or ordered it. He's the Commander-in-Chief. The fish rots from the head down," she wrote in her "exclusive" report.

We have a call in to the Air National Guard about this incredibly important matter; we'll let you know if they provide us with Obama's handwritten order to "ERASE THAT NAME NOW!!!!"

Update:  Lt. Col. Shaunte Cooper of the 147th says the Schlussel story "is absolutely not true."

The plane outside the Ellington gates, she says, has never had Bush's name on it. A different "static model," on the base, is the plane that has his name on it. Not only has the name not been erased from that plane, it's been freshly repainted. (Under Obama's direct orders? We don't know.)

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