"Riot" at Lamar HS? Twitter Says Yes, But HISD Says It's a Senior Prank (UPDATED w/Videos That Seem to Show It Was More Serious Than That, & HISD's Response to Them)

If you believe Twitter feeds -- and who doesn't? -- you'd believe there was is/was a riot today at Lamar High in swanky River Oaks.

"@ImMotivation_ «@LifeWithBreanna Lamar is having the biggest riot right now . its too funny," says one.

"Unknown ‏Only at lamar will u have a riot 5fights and a teacher getn punched," says another.

Send out the National Guard!!!

But HISD spokesman Jason Spencer said there was not even a fight there [SEE update], just kids being kids and then using Twitter.

"There are no bodies. It's a senior prank," he said. "We had kids throwing paper balls at their classmates and running in groups across the school."

They also used social media to send out fake messages about the alleged incident.

"This was all done, the principal believes, to disrupt school and cancel classes for the rest of the day, which we are not doing," he said, noting HISD is off tomorrow.

"Parents were justifiably concerned," he said, and the incident will be treated as a disciplinary matter.

UPDATE: We've been e-mailed videos, embedded on the next page, allegedly portraying what went on, by someone who says "it definitely was a riot."

If the videos don't show "a riot," they certainly seem to show fights at the school that would be more serious than HISD's description of events. We've asked Spencer to review them and comment.

Student Harrison Seureau e-mailed us this description:

This morning there was a huge multi person brawl before school 10+ people

Then between classes there was 4-5 different fights going on all over the school in different places and without the proper staff it quickly turned to a riot!!!

UPDATE II: Spencer says, "One of the videos depicts a fight that occurred this morning. It was not related to the afternoon 'riot' prank. The second fight took place in the afternoon during the prank."

He added, "Two fights separated by a span of several hours do not constitute a riot. Fights are serious incidents, and the staff at Lamar will take appropriate disciplinary action. These fights did not result in serious injuries."

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