Riot At The Nail Salon: A City's Shame

Hoa Nguyen had no idea what was in store for her when she opened her shop, Summit Nails Salon in Missouri City, Tuesday. Generally, salon owners do not face the same mortal threats of more dangerous occupations like soldier or Metro bus driver.

But, according no Nguyen's story, first broken by KPRC, she had encountered one of the world's most frightening and powerful forces of nature: six women who all wanted a pedicure at the same time. Things got ugly when Nguyen explained that she simply didn't have the staff to perform more than three procedures simultaneously; three would have to wait.

This did not go over well with the women, who apparently resorted to playground antics as a way to express their dismay.

"They touch me...they laughed...they hit the Buddha everywhere," Nguyen told Hair Balls. (Nguyen said she speaks only a little English, so we were not able to get a detailed account.) "...I say, 'I call 9-1,' they say, 'OK, call 9-1'...they laugh."

We have a call in to Missouri City police to see what else they can tell us. According to KPRC, "the women could face possible assault charges if they are caught."

Unfortuantely, it does not appear that Nguyen was able to provide them with a detailed description. But if you are in the Missouri City area and happen to notice a gaggle of women with chipped or otherwise blemished nails, please contact the Missouri City Police Department.

Do not, under any circumstances, approach these women yourself.



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