RIP Finesilver Gallery

People have been wondering what’s going on over at Finesilver Gallery for some time. Its last exhibition was supposed to end in April but was never taken down. Director Eleanor Williams (disclosure: a friend of Hair Balls) left the gallery in May, and no one was hired to take her place. Then, last week, a moving truck appeared, and the show along with everything else was carted away. It’s the end of Finesilver in Houston, anyway – its sister gallery in San Antonio is going strong. (We called owner Christopher Erck for comment on why the Houston gallery was shut down but haven’t heard back from him.)

Finesilver put on some cool shows in Houston. It gained respect for displaying art that was worthy but not likely to make any money. In October, Kelly Klaasmeyer reviewed a group show of site-specific installations by Rebecca Ward, Jason Rogenes and Dan Steinhilber. “Showing three site-specific installations is pretty ambitious for a commercial gallery in terms of time, not to mention the fact that installations are notoriously difficult to sell,” Klaasmeyer wrote at the time. “It's nice to see a for-profit enterprise support work that isn't easily saleable and present the kinds of things that usually only get shown in nonprofit venues.” Another popular show was “Beast.”

Cathy Matusow

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.