R.I.P, Horton Foote

Horton Foote, the celebrated playwright who wrote a cycle of prominent plays about life in a fictionalized version of his hometown of Wharton, has died.

The small town 50 miles southwest of Houston was fictionalized as Harrison in several Foote plays, such as 1918, later made into an underrated Matthew Broderick film.

Foote, 92, won a Pulitzer for The Young Man From Atlanta; he also was nominated for Academy Awards for his screenplays for To Kill A Mockingbird, The Trip to Bountiful and Tender Mercies. (He won for Mockingbird.)

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Frank Rich, once the feared drama critic for The New York Times, said Foote's work had "a subtlety that suggests a collaboration between Faulkner and Chekhov."

Which is pretty good for a kid from Wharton.

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